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Parts of a chain saw

2017/12/08 17:34
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Please follow below safety procedures:

Always engage the chain brake at these times:
•When you start the gas chain saw.
•When you take one hand off the gas chain saw to do something.
•When you take more than two steps with the gas chain saw running.

Start the gas chain saw safely by using one of the two techniques:
• Place your left hand on the front handle. Hold the back of the gas chain saw tightly between your legs. Pull the start cord (after engaging the choke, if necessary) using a fast but short stroke.
• Place the gas chain saw on the ground, and then place the toe of your boot through the back handle to hold the gas chain saw down. Hold the front handle with your left hand. Pull the start cord using a fast but short stroke.

Both starting methods are safe, but the leg lock method is fast and easy that it allows you to turn the gas chain saw off and restart it even when you walk a short distance.
How to safely use your gas chain saw?

You should be aware of the reactive forces of a gas chain saw. When you cut with the bottom of the bar, the chain can pull you into the work. When cutting with the top of the bar, it can push you away from the work. Your body stance and grip are determined by which part of the saw bar you are using.
You can experience a kickback almost every time during you use a gas chain saw. Most of them are easy to control. But a severe kickback can cause one of the worst accidents you can have working with a gas chain saw. Kickback happens when the gas chain saw is suddenly thrown violently back towards the operator. It can happen while removing limbs from a tree that is on the ground or while cutting the trunk.
Kickback occurs when the chain is suddenly forced to stop. The most common way this happens is when the upper tip of the bar touches a tree, log, or branch. Another way the chain can be stopped suddenly is when a log or a limb pinches the top of the bar and chain while cutting from below with the top of the bar. Here are ways kickback can be prevented:
• Keep upper tip of bar in solid wood.
• If cutting a log from below, do it in two stages: first cut from above, then make another cut from below to meet the first.
• To hold the gas chain saw with both hands.
• To grip the handle by putting your thumb around it.
• To keep the gas chain saw close to your body.
• To Use a gas chain saw with chain brake.
• To start every cut under full throttle.
• To keep the chain sharp.